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Westinghouse Unleashes the $979 VR-5585DFZ LCD TV

As published in Audioholics

Nov 29, 2010

Westinghouse Digital has announced it will ship a new 55″ LCD HDTV at just $979. At that price, it makes owning a spectacular big-screen flat panel TV an affordable reality for consumers everywhere. The VR-5585DFZ seems to have arrived just in time for the holiday season. The new VR-5585DFZ Westinghouse LCD HDTV is a 55″ HDTV that features full 1080p high-definition resolution and 120Hz with MEMC (motion estimation/motion compression) to ensure smooth images by reducing judder and blur.

The VR-5585DFZ features ample connectivity for both new and legacy A/V components, including 3 HDMI inputs, two component video inputs and analog A/V connections. It also features a host of picture enhancements sure to please even finicky viewers, including 3D noise reduction, inverse 3:2 pull down for flicker-free movies, three-way selectable color temperature and super quick response times for fast-moving sports. Parental control, sleep timer and PC inputs let users make the most of this exceptionally versatile, value-driven HDTV.

“A superb high-definition HDTV in a large size shouldn’t be beyond anyone’s reach, and with Westinghouse it doesn’t have to be. Our new VR-5585DFZ 55″ HDTV will bring a new level of entertainment excitement to more homes than ever, with the kind of performance and styling that consumers have come to expect from much costlier brands.”

- Rey Roque, Vice President of Marketing

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Westinghouse Unleashes the $979 VR-5585DFZ LCD TV, 3.2 out of 5 based on 9 ratings