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CES 2011: The New King of Value-Oriented TVs?

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Jan 08, 2011

On Friday, I paid a visit to Westinghouse’s suite at the Hilton to check out the new 2011 TV lineup, which includes seven edge-lit LED models and three traditional CCFL LCDs.

Westinghouse will add larger screen sizes to this year’s LED lineup. Last year, the largest offering was 42 inches; this year, we’ll see new 46-, 55-, and 60-inch models, as well as a 40-incher. Available this month, the 46-inch, 1080p LD-4655VX has a 6.5ms response time, a 120Hz refresh rate with de-judder technology, a 1.7-inch depth, and a Yamaha sound chip[, and it will carry a price tag of just $899. Sometime in Q2, we’ll see the 60-inch, 1080p LD-6080Z, with a 4ms response time, a 120Hz refresh rate, and four HDMI ports…for just $1,499. Later in the year, Westinghouse plans to release its first connected TV: The 46-inch, 1080p WC-4605 (price TBA) will offer Netflix and VUDU video-on-demand services, with the potential for more apps to be added before its official release.

On the CCFL side, Westinghouse has released the 40-inch VR-4085DF ($449) and 55-inch VR-5585DFZ ($999) and plans to release the VR-6025Z ($1,199) in April. All are 1080p models with a 120Hz refresh rate and de-judder technology.

As you can tell from those prices, Westinghouse is aggressively targeting the budget-conscious consumer who wants a larger-screen TV and is willing to sacrifice features like apps, USB media playback, and DLNA streaming to keep the price down. You can purchase Westinghouse’s TVs through retailers like Best Buy, Costco, Target, and Amazon.

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