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Westinghouse Digital is one of the leading LCD TV Manufacturers in the U.S. We offer a complete line of innovative LED and CCFL backlit LCD displays for the U.S. consumer market. Westinghouse Digital’s award-winning HDTV line includes a complete family of 720p and 1080p eco-friendly LED and LCD TVs. Westinghouse Digital has made a strong commitment to producing eco-friendly, energy-saving displays with their greenvue, greenvue + and LED product lines which meet Energy Star and California Energy Commission (CEC) Tier 1 & 2 standards.

Westinghouse Digital is headquartered in Orange, California.

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Certain Westinghouse Digital TVs contain firmware that includes software that is subject to open source licenses. Open source software is available to consumers through electronic downloads, free of charge. Click here for more information and downloads.