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As one of the leading global manufacturers of LED displays, Westinghouse Electronics, LLC brings the latest innovative technologies to both the consumer television and commercial display markets. Westinghouse Electronics delivers the ultimate viewing experience in a wide range of consumer HDTVs (1080p) and UHDTVs (4K) including options for OTT (over-the-top) streaming through mainstream content partners. The professional line of Ultra HD (4K) displays is available in a variety of sizes up to 98” including a full lineup of interactive whiteboards with ultra-fast, multi-point Touch and optional embedded PCs. The company has made a strong commitment to produce feature-rich, reliable, and energy-efficient displays for general consumer and commercial applications. Westinghouse 4K up converting blu-ray players, OTT boxes and Windows-based tablets support an open, advanced, and future-proofed entertainment eco-system.

Westinghouse Electronics is headquartered in Diamond Bar, California.

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Certain Westinghouse Electronics TVs contain firmware that includes software that is subject to open source licenses. Open source software is available to consumers through electronic downloads, free of charge. Click here for more information and downloads.