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Widescreen Review

As published in Widescreen Review

Apr 2010
Westinghouse Digital debuted a range of value-centric LCD HDTVs, with edge-lit LED backlighting. There are eight models in the product
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The Next Step in TV Backlighting

As published in Display Daily

Mar 2010
As published in Display Daily LED backlighting is in the process of replacing conventional LCD-TV backlighting that uses cold-cathode fluorescent  lamps
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Westinghouse LED TVs

As published in UltimateAVMag.com

Jan 2010
My impression of Westinghouse LCD TVs has steadily improved with each one I've reviewed, so I was eager to see
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Westinghouse Unveils LED, ‘Eco’ CCFL TVs

May 2009
As published in Twice Las Vegas - Westinghouse Digital unveiled a lineup of value-centric LCD TVs with LED backlighting, new cosmetic
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