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Introducing LED TV from Westinghouse Digital. Westinghouse Digital provides value and innovation in LED and LCD TVs, and LCD HDTV. As a leader in LED and LCD technology, Westinghouse Digital brings engineering efficiencies and design sophistication to LED and LCD TV with slim design, environmentally-friendly packaging, recycled/recyclable carton and soy-based inks and a low transportation carbon footprint. Most Westinghouse LED TVs use less energy than a 60 watt bulb. Westinghouse 24\" and 26” flat screen LED or LCD TV is perfect for the kitchen, bedroom or den. A 32” or 42” LED, LCD or HDTV is best for gaming in the family room or living room, HDTV viewing, Blu-Ray or DVD movies. Westinghouse LED and LCD TVs feature efficient slim design, eco-friendly features and vivid picture with brilliant color.