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Westinghouse Launches Super Thin, Power Efficient and Affordable LED HDTV

as published in Tec Luv Blog

May 20, 2010

For those looking to buy a new TV for the budget, they chose the right moment to Westinghouse has launched a bunch of affordable LED HDTVs.

The new Westinghouse LED HDTV manage a new super thin screens, power efficient, affordable, and thanks also high image quality are fun LED technology in their midst.

This new series also happen to be the most affordable LED TVs we have seen yet. All TV is only about an inch thick on the edges, 1.5 inches  thick ice, all with a stylish gloss black accents is complemented by red. Like most TVs with LED, image quality is great on TV.

Unfortunately, none of the TV supports HDMI 1.4, which means they are not ready 3D. But high definition televisions are still new and exciting as they do about affordable LED televisions.

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